What am I talking about today?

It is the end of financial year, so it is my chance to make my new year’s resolutions - again!! Or maybe not.


Business Inspiration

In 2008 I took the courageous step of buying an accounting firm in regional NSW.  I did not live in the community and I was newly separated - so of course it makes perfect sense to make this major commitment, risking everything to follow my dream of owning my own business.  

10 years later the business is thriving.  Revenue is now 5 times the figure in the first year and we are now operate out of 3 offices.  

But there is so much more we can do.  Here I will share my business inspirational stories with you.


Family and Fun

As a mother, step mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt and even a granddaughter (I am very fortunate to still have my grandmother with us), I need to balance my family life with my work.  This is perhaps my biggest challenge.  With so much else going on in my life I need to be reminded what is truely important to me.  And I need to find some fun in my life, sharing time with my friends.  If you want to read more click below.


Fitness & Health

As much as I would love to have the perfect body, I know that is not realistic.  However I believe that fitness and health are vitally important to reaching my full potential.  Keeping fit makes all other aspects of your life function so much better.  This page will explore my daily challenges with early morning PT sessions and trying to maintain a balanced diet when there are so many distractions to that goal.

Mind & Spirit

Although I am not particularly religious, I do believe that there is a greater power that has bought us to this place and time.  I am very interested in the way people think, including the way I think.  The challenges of quietening my mind and controlling my reactions are something I face everyday.  Part of my quest this year is to get to know my authentic self and not let self doubts disrupt me from achieving my goals

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